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Case Study

EROWA case study - Giving the sales team confidence with dynamic presentations at their fingertips


For manufacturing organizations with a lot of components to sell, carrying around the right collateral for every meeting can be a nightmare. Even finding it on the business intranet is a challenge. With iPresent, all this can be stored in one easy-to-navigate repository, making it simple to find what the customer needs even when you’re put on the spot.


With over 1000 high quality products and an international sales team, EROWA needed a solution that made keeping their field sales reps up to date with the latest collateral easy. EROWA sought a digital asset management solution which enabled their sales team to access collateral offline, wherever they were. It had to be:

  • A digital replacement for their cluttered intranet, fully accessible offline
  • A tool which could keep sales collateral used internationally up to date from one place
  • Something which could make a vast product catalogue readily available and presentable
  • Able to support many different platforms and devices
  • Easy for sales team to use


iPresent is a sales enablement platform improving performance through three core themes:

  1. Beautiful Mobile Presentations for impact and results
  2. True Content Management so everyone’s always up to date
  3. Closed Loop System of analytics and feedback

The key benefits EROWA have gained from the iPresent solution:

  • Replacing a hard to access intranet with a fully offline solution gives sales reps anytime access to content
  • The whole product catalogue is at sales reps’ fingertips
  • Presentations are more impressive and engaging on a mobile device
  • Collateral is all in one, easy to manage place
  • The sales team feel more confident and ready for any situation
Erowa content
With iPresent, the sales team are prepared for any surprises that may come their way in the field. Not only do they have our entire product catalogue, they have videos, presentations and photographs, all of which can be emailed to customers instantly.
Justin Hulst
Head of Marketing Services for EROWA


Making a sale

Sales reps are more confident and can focus on making a sale


Presentations are more dynamic, impressive and engaging

Content control

HQ can push the latest collateral to field sales from one central place

Erowa case study


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