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Case Study

Solar Plants case study – HQ gains total control with cost effective updates pushed out to the sales team


Whatever the industry sector, the iPresent Sales Enablement Platform gives sales easy access to all the latest marketing-approved collateral, wherever and whenever they need it. Clever integration with popular CRMs, as well as reporting functions that enable content use to be tracked and analyzed, make this much more than a Sales Presentation Tool.


In a highly regulated market, and a widely distributed sales force, Solar Plants needed a slick and professional tool to show customers their products and sales collateral that reflected their ethos of innovation. It had to be:

  • Quick to set up and roll out
  • Simple for field sales to use on a mobile device
  • Able to handle many different file types all within one app
  • A branded, customer facing presentation tool
  • A cost-effective and environmentally sustainable way of distributing resources
  • Fully controlled by head office, from the branding to the presentations the sales team are using


iPresent is a sales enablement platform improving performance through three core themes:

  1. Beautiful Mobile Presentations for impact and results
  2. True Content Management so everyone’s always up to date
  3. Closed Loop System of analytics and feedback

The key benefits Solar Plants have gained from the iPresent solution:

  • HQ have complete control over what the sales team are presenting, ensuring compliance
  • Fully branded and intuitive
  • Distributing resources through the app instead of printing keeps material up to date as well as being environmentally sustainable and cost effective
  • Replacing bulky alternatives with mobile devices brings multiple benefits that let customer engagement flourish
Solar Plants content
After a painless set up, my growing sales team has the flexibility and professionalism it requires to service a large geographic area in this competitive renewables market. Our tailored app now contains up to date information, data and presentations at the touch of a button.
Oliver Farr
Managing Director at Solar Plants Ltd


Content control

All of the sales team have presentations and resources fully controlled by HQ

Environmentally sustainable

Environmentally sustainable and more cost effective than printed resources

Customer engagement

Better customer engagement from presenting with a mobile device

Solar Plants case study


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