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Security on mobile devices

HQ has control

Security you can rely on

iPresent is built on industry leading cloud security architecture.

  • All files stored on iPresent are encrypted at rest and in transit
  • iPresent only uses the most up to date encryption protocols
  • Conforms to the highest levels of compliance, including: ISO27011, SOC1, 2 & 3, HIPPA
  • Built using security best practice infrastructure to ensure every aspect of the service is controlled and secured, these include Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), firewalled network connectors and secure load balancers

Not only is your data safe in the cloud, our iOS client also uses the highest standard encryption on mobile devices to ensure all your files stay encrypted.

We do frequent penetration tests by well-recognised security experts to make sure that the highest quality of security is consistently maintained throughout the application.


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Benefits of the iPresent Cloud

Access your resources any time, anywhere. All users of iPresent can be granted cloud access to your files online, requiring nothing more than a browser to view and download them.

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