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Quick Builder

Quick Builder

Easy to use

Administration time saved

Compiling content doesn't have to be a drag

Take all the effort out of organizing content for your team!

The Quick Builder enables you to drag and drop your content into your menu structure to create Content Sets in a flash.

Simply drag and drop any of your uploaded resources from the Resource area next to the Content Set builder. You can create menu items, add images and populate menus with your content quickly and easily.

You can also save precious admin time by uploading folders that are already ordered into subfolders. You can then drag and drop them into the Content Set builder and iPresent will build and populate whole Content Sets with menu structures for you!


Case studies

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Closed Loop

Benefits of content sets

Revolutionize the way content is managed. iPresent Content Sets go beyond regular file storage. They optimize your collateral for presentation by structuring it into intuitive menu systems for maximum impact.

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