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User Management

User management

HQ has
robust control

Team can
grow easily

Handing you the reins

Always have control over what your users have access to and feel confident that your team is equipped with the best collateral.

With iPresent’s user management you can create custom user groups and assign users to the content that you want individual groups to have access to. This ensures that users only see content that is intended for them.

With user management you can tailor content to make it directly relevant to each user. Now your users will always have what they need immediately available without having to search though mountains of unnecessary content.


Case studies

See how this feature has positively impacted some of our users

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Closed Loop

Benefits of distributing to sales team

Never worry about your sales team using out-dated content again. Instantly push new content live to mobile device users. Users are alerted when new versions of content are available, wherever they are.

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