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You can run iPresent on all
the major mobile platforms.
One user license allows you to run a tablet alongside a phone.

Apple iPad


Google Android


Microsoft Windows


Web browser


Ability to view Content Sets
Not only can users access all the beautiful Content Sets you create for them directly on their mobile devices; now, you can grant them Cloud access to the files online, requiring nothing more than a browser to view and download them!
Offline usage
Designed to work perfectly whether or not you have a network connection. Content is securely downloaded to your users' mobile devices, so you won’t ever be without that crucial presentation again.
Optimized for
Each platform has been specifically designed and created to look great on these devices.
Chrome icon
Also runs on
Each platform also supports running on other form factor devices.
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Supported versions
These are the minimum required versions of each operating system that are required to run iPresent.
iOS 10+
Android 4.1+
Windows 10
Latest browser version
Device Tethering
Connect multiple devices to a single master device and control the devices as you navigate around iPresent.
Support for main resource types
iPresent supports the main resource types. These are: PDFs, PowerPoint files and video.
Support for MS Word and Excel docs
iPresent supports your Microsoft Office Word and Excel documents.
Content markup
Draw directly onto slides, PDFs or Videos to better communicate with local or remote viewers.
External screens & presenter mode
Supports wired or wireless TV-out via AirPlay and presenter mode enables you to have presenter notes on the iPad not seen by your audience.
External screens only
iPresent Briefcase
Now, users can store their own files within iPresent, yet still arranged beautifully like the rest of their corporate content. Plus, link directly to users' Briefcases from within your Content Set's menu structures!
Transitions & animations in PowerPoint
Simply upload PowerPoint files containing transitions and animations, iPresent will show these seamlessly.
Data forms
iPresent's new Web Form feature lets you capture data offline inside iPresent ready for it to synchronise with the iPresent service when your users are next connected.
HTML5 resources
HTML5 resources allow offline fully interactive websites to be run inside iPresent. This give you the power to create your own custom interactive menus for example.
Analytics support
iPresent has built-in analytics so you can identify which content is used the most (or the least!) - perfect for monitoring sales team behaviour and developing better presentations.
Users can create custom playlists of content in advance of their meetings.
User ratings/feedback
iPresent's new Ratings and Comments System lets you hear directly from your users what they think of the resources they're viewing.
Kiosk Mode
Kiosk mode hides the 'Menu' button and restricts access to the current Content Set. This makes it perfect for using iPresent as a self-service Kiosk at an exhibition or show.
Users can add resources to their favorites for quick access from anywhere in the content set.
Encrypted storage
To ensure your files stay secure, we use AES-256 to encrypt every file downloaded to the device.
Not stored locally
Live preview
Preview the content set design on your device in real-time as you build it.
Session storage
Stores details of what has been presented in each individual user session.
Additional session data capture
Allows users to fill in a custom form at the start of each session to store additional details about that session.
Single Sign-On
SSO allows users to log into iPresent on their device using their company sign-in provider through SAML.

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